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Surf Lock can be easily secured to the tie-down on your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheel or trailer - ideal any time you need to leave your car but cannot take your car keys or immobiliser with you.



Use Surf Lock when family members or friends need access to your car or when several people need access to the same place such as a construction site or maintenance shed. You can attach your Surf Lock to sheds, gates and trailers.


Before you set the combination, please read the instructions below carefully.

Your Surf Lock is factory tested and set to 0-0-0-0.



Open the lock. Remove the sticker on the back and move the change lever to the upper right-hand corner (fig. 1 at rightt).




Set the dials to the desired combination.




Move the change lever back to the original
position (fig. 2). The combination is now set.
4.  Do not forget your combination!
Bonus Key Clip & All-Weather Jacket
Keep your car key or immobiliser attached to the bonus key clip. Slip the all-weather jacket over the shackle to help protect the combination barrel.
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Surf Lock® is promoted with no guarantee whatsoever in the prevention of damage, loss or otherwise to either itself or goods, vehicles nor persons it may be applied to or come in contact with. It is suggested as a possible solution only for limited capacity storage, prevention of access and general security of contents or whatever it is attached to or intended to safeguard. It is to be understood that its use is as a deterrent only and we would advise all potential users to ensure the application of commone sense and fair judgement when using it, realising the restrictions it has as a substitute for higher forms of security.